The Purge: What to do with Unwanted Stuff

Letting go of Stuff

I have never been a hoarder. I love stuff, but when I am done with old clothes, decor, furniture, toys, etc., they leave. Here are some ways to ‘let go’:

Do Good!

Don’t purge to purge. Donate items that are in good condition to a good cause. There are many organizations which will pick them up and even provide a tax receip.

Habitat for Humanity

An amazing organization that I work closely with, Habitat for Humanity strengthens families and communities by providing affordable housing. They also have several ReStore locations where they resell donations – from appliances to table lamps.

Contact them or one of their ReStore locations via email with photos of what you want to donate and they will get back to you. You can also drop donations off at your local ReStore.


Doesn’t everybody love a good hand-me-down? As an only child, I didn’t get any, however, they are a great way to get rid of unwanted items to a second or third child, from older to younger sibling, or to someone else in the family

Consider college students or first-time homeowners for donations of old furniture. It is definitely worth offering them the items you are getting rid of.

Your teash is someone else’s treasure, old furniture can go a long way for students or first-time homeowners

Kijiji and Facebook Groups

Another way to purge old or unwanted things is to post on Kijiji or Garage Sale-type Facebook Groups. Set a time for people to pick up the items at your convenience. Some of these groups include: Decked and Decor, Toronto GTA Garage Sale

Trying not to get overwhelmed is important to living a healthy life. Here are some other charities to consider when cleaning house:
Diabetes Canada
The Furniture Bank
Red Door Family Shelter


There are also many great apps that I have used when getting rid of things. These apps let you snap a photo and upload to sell, while further simplifying the selling process with easy messaging systems: Carousell, Letgo

Tips on Letting Go

Consider what the item owes you. Did you buy it for $100 and have you had it for 10 years? If so, giving it away might be a better option.

Give the person a time to pick it up. Without a specific time, you could be waiting on them all day. Decide if your price is firm or not. People will always try and bargain, so make this decision early on.

Remember that people will have to coordinate or pay for pick-up and delivery of larger items. Cutting the cost of bigger items will get them out your door faster. Be safe. Try not to meet at night or when you are alone and if something doesn’t seem right in your interaction with the buyer, don’t sell!




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