Forest Hill’s Own Sparkling Olive Group to Exhibit – The Real Bubbly By Rotkäppchen at Taste of Toronto

With the Taste of Toronto just around the corner and so many booths to visit, it seemed a good idea to explore some of the other choices besides just the fabulous restaurants and chefs taking part. I made an appointment to meet with the company which represents “The Real Bubbly” a fresh and fruity non alcoholic cocktail. I’ll admit that de-alcoholized bubbly was not previously at the top of my “drinks-to-order” list. Was became the operative word and my tune quickly changed! The Real Bubbly is delicious and tastes surprisingly just like its slightly more potent relative. This isn’t your run of the mill alcohol free bevvie, this stuff has legs. While it’s only been in Ontario for two years, The Real Bubbly is produced by a company that has been in the business of making sparkling wine for hundreds of years. Yes! Hundreds! So it’s no wonder when they put their minds to the ever evolving tastes of today’s society they were able to do so while maintaining all of the decadence one expects from a glass of bubbly. _untitled_ 13227a There are so many good reasons to try this sparkling wine and the measly 30 calories in each glass is only one of them. Given that it is a 100% natural product and only $9.99 for a 750 ml bottle and the deal as they say will be sealed. What Brigitta Woudberg of Sparkling Olive Group was really excited to share with me is the introduction of the 200 ml grab-and-go size to be introduced to the Canadian market in September. “This is really great news for the consumer.” says Brigitta, “Imagine now having this option when you drop into a coffee shop or convenience store.” When you’re looking for something a little more exciting than the, let’s be honest here, pretty boring sparkling water and considerably higher calorie option of juice, then The Real Bubbly is just the ticket. Brigitta explained why The Real Bubbly is so superior to other alcohol free beverages, “It’s in method… we make use of the fact that in a vacuum the boiling point of liquids is much lower. It’s the overheating that causes the loss of flavours and aromas. Because we don’t overheat the wine it allows us to preserve its typical fine, fruity and full bodied Rotkäppchen taste.” Of course it need not be entirely ruled out as a more traditional cocktail. Brigitta helpfully pointed out that of course adding a little splash of Triple-Sec is never a bad idea. In fact at you can find a whole list of cocktails devised by a mixologist. The decadence one associates with sparkling wine will be on abundant display at The Real Bubbly Lounge at the Taste of Toronto festival from July 2-5. This booth will be a great place to have a rest, put your feet up and enjoy a refreshment compliments of Rotkäppchen.
Stacia_Carlton_HeadShotStacia Carlton is a culinary school graduate, food writer and recently converted de-alcoholized bubbly imbiber. You can find her weekly ramblings and recipes at

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