The Rise of the Story Format

Telling Stories through Yoga

Throughout my varied career, the one skill I truly learned was how to tell my story. We tell stories to engage people, to sell to people, to share truths, offer the inside scoop, or even to reveal the less glamorous events behind the scenes. These stories portray a fantasy experience, combined with social media avenues, can reach an open forum of a worldwide audience…full of comparison, criticism, and judgment. At least… that’s the story in my head.

I recently met a yogi friend who teaches not so much about the asana and physical practice, but about delivering a message through chant. She loves what she does because she can sit in front of a group of students and uses her forum for any story that is on her mind. She delivers a spiritual experience by combining chant with mediation by weaving her own stories throughout the practice.

Telling stories through yoga doesn’t necessarily require words

Her story is real and live, palpable, and filled with personal experience that she wants to share. When we become engaged in someone else’s story, our reactions are the storyteller’s goals and our actions become the storyteller’s power. 

Just a few nights ago, I put this theory of the storyteller’s power to test, as I watched the Academy-winning movie La La Land.  A beautiful love story about a musician and actress. I was deeply engrossed in this lengthy film by virtue of how the story was told. The expression was all through song and dance, fantasy and history. It was as if I was sucked up into this time warp or la-la land! But mostly, my breath was taken away when the antagonist rewrites her own story in her imagination. As the tears rolled down my face, I remembered every single time I rewrote my own story.

Everyone may not have a story to share, but everyone has a story

And I realised immediately, the storyteller won; as I cried my broken heart out, the emotion was her target. And by resisting the publishing of my own personal chronicles either through my teaching or social media tentacles, I am a young dinosaur in a modern industry. 

…Mostly, my breath was taken away when the protagonist rewrites her own story in her imagination. As the tears rolled down my face, I remembered every single time I rewrote my own story.mindspir

So today, I face the challenge of trying to tell my stories. I thought I had the past experience and was equipped to do this. And, for now, it feels impossible for me to publicly tell my stories. I find retreat to this predicament by washing my soul in a yoga practice to help rid me of the perceived or potential comparison, criticism, and judgment. The question is, what’s a yogi supposed to do without a story to share? Yoga is my story and you can read the tale in my body. It is the never-ending story. Namaste.

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