The Topknot Isn’t Over | Update it for 2015


The topknot was huge in 2014, it’s funky, casual vibe provided a fantastic alternative the classic ponytail. But the style was so popular that, like a catchy radio song, it quickly went from au courant to played out. The small, messy version of this shape is over, but the basic proportions still have a lot of potential, as shown in the pictures. Let’s look at the tips on transforming the shape for 2015.

Step: Make the roots super sleek and smooth. Mist roots lightly with hydro mist to soften and collapse. Use a round paddle brush to comb into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Spay with holding spray and use the back of a comb to smooth in any fly aways.

Step: Cover the base of the ponytail. Pull a small section loose from the pony, mist with hold spray and brush through to smooth. Wrap over and around the base of the tail and secure with bobby pins and more holding spray.

Step: Change the shape of the knot. Wrap ends under by folding around two fingers, working from tips to roots. This will create a smooth, rolled shape. Expand this shape as desired by pulling at the outside edges. Pin in place with bobby pins. Finish with holding spray.

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