Tips For Keeping Your Gym Bag Fresh #fitafter45

I don’t care how clean a person you are or think you are. If you go to the gym every day, and take your bag with you for every work out, you are going to create some odors. I’d be more worried if your gym bag didn’t need to be freshened up because it would speak to how hard you are actually working in the gym. That aside, there are a few handy hints that can help you keep your bag fresh and funk free. Tea Bags  You can kill odors by dropping a few unused tea bags right into your gym bag and shoes.  Let them sit overnight and by morning, new found freshness. Dryer Sheets  One of mankind’s greatest inventions, the dryer sheet, softens your clothes, and their fresh scent can be used to help out anything in need of a scent upgrade, throw ‘em in, and keep ‘em there till they stop working. This one will even work on a hockey bag. Disinfecting Wipes  You wash your body after you work out. You wash your clothes. You wash your shoes, occasionally, so grab a wipe and “wash your gym bag too”. Nothing worse than a clean Tee smelling like rotten gym bag. Fresh Air  This one may seem obvious, but in this day and age, nothing should go unsaid. Air that bad boy out. Take everything out of it and leave it outside for a bit. Let the air filter through it and take the bad smells away with it. Nature can smell great, so use that to your advantage. Don’t Let it Sit Do whatever you can to limit the amount of time your bag sits with sweat soaked gym clothes in it. This can be tough, if you go to the gym on the way to work or at lunch, but as soon as the opportunity arises, get that stuff out. No one ever wanted to be the smelly kid in class, and no one wants to be the smelly adult at the gym, or in the locker room, so head these words!


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