To Be Adorned

Now that winter gloves are not a part of our daily outerwear ensemble, we can finally show off our pretty nails and well-accessorized fingers! What better way to accessorize than to have our fingers adorned with the ultimate jewelry trend of the season: “above the knuckle rings” a.k.a “midi rings”. I discovered this trend a while back through a couple of my go-to California based fashion blogs about two years ago – it definitely embodies a very free-spirited, laid-back kind of vibe. The trend totally took off after Rihanna was spotted rocking her dainty rings last year, soon after that jewelry DIY’ers busted out their metal wires and pliers to try the latest craze and since then we’ve been seeing stylists use them all over fashion campaigns and blogs.

Some of you might fear that these little things could easily slip off your fingers – the trick is to make sure to get the adjustable rings like these ones by The 2 Bandits (click here) or Mr. Kate (click here). They are sold everywhere but you can find super affordable handmade selections from (click here) So channel your inner bohemian gypsy this spring and style a ring party with chunky rings and a couple of delicate midi rings. Keep in mind that accessorizing is the best way to express your personal style so don’t be scared to be bold!


Patti Prado Curran

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