The Top 6 Reasons Why Someone Might See a Registered Dietitian By Andy De Santis RD MPH #wellbeingwednesday

As a registered dietitian, one of the most frequent things I am asked about is the different reasons why my clients come to see me. Since I get the question so often, I decided to write an article on it to help demystify what it is that I do and to help everyone understand when and why it might make sense for them to see a dietitian such as myself. Here are my top 6 reasons why clients come to see me: Weight loss:  You might have guessed it already, but weight loss is the most common issue I deal with on a weekly basis. People are tired of quick fix/one-size fits all programs and want personalized guidance and support that is built around their lifestyle. Weight gain: Younger males in the 20-35 age range commonly visit me for help with weight gain, usually in the context of gaining muscle and strength. Although it is a less common occurrence, it can be just as difficult for underweight people to gain weight as it is for overweight people to lose weight. Digestive health:  Food intolerances leading to bloating, gas, constipation and other issues are among the most aggravating and difficult situations for a person to deal with. The unfortunate issue is there is a great deal of misinformation and ‘quick fixes’ out there that just don’t work and that’s why people come see me for help. General healthy eating:  A significant portion of my clients do not have any specific health issues or any desire to lose or gain weight, rather they just have a general concern about their eating habits. The reality is that, even if you think you eat pretty well, a savvy dietitian will always find ways to help you eat even better. High Cholesterol/Blood Pressure:  High cholesterol and blood pressure are two major risk factors for heart disease and two of the most common reasons why medication is prescribed to people in Canada. Many clients do not like the idea of needing medication in the long-term and they come to me seeking dietary strategies to help manage these issues. Sports performance: I also see a small percentage of clients who may be intermediate level athletes or weekend warriors, but are still concerned about the connection between their dietary intake and sports performance.  Regardless of the level you compete at, proper nutrition has an important role to play in allowing you to perform your best. There you have it folks, the top 6 most common reasons why people come to see this dietitian! Andy De Santis RD MPH Registered Dietitian, Master’s of Public Health
andy de santisAndy De Santis, is a Toronto area private practice dietitian and nutrition blogger who helps clients reach their health goals through dietary guidance, modification and support. You can reach Andy at or visit him online by clicking here. (

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