Toronto Flower Market: An Interview with Founder, Natasa Kajganic (Part I of III)

Good Morning, Natasa. Thanks for doing this! Before we start, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Natasa Kajganic, I am the Founder of Toronto Flower Market and freelance as a creative producer.  My family and I recently moved out of the city for country life and i’m trying to turn my black thumb into a friendlier shade of green.


Why did you start Toronto Flower Market?

Toronto Flower Market came to be after I visited Columbia Road Flower Market in London, England. Columbia Road has been around for 80 years and is a weekly public event made up of only plants and flowers. When I got back from my trip, I couldn’t believe something like it didn’t exist in Toronto and I wanted one to, so I made one!


How long has The Toronto Flower Market been established, and what makes it different from other floral events in Toronto?

Toronto Flower Market started in 2013, this is our 6th season. We are the only flower market in the city that is made up of local growers, florists, designers, gardeners, etc. Our focus is on the local seasonality of plants and flowers in Ontario, which means that everything at the market is locally grown. It’s awesome because that means that every market is different based on what is in season.


Congratulations! 6 years is great longevity. What do you love most about your work?

The people. The flower market community is so supportive, kind, hardworking and creative. Over the years, we’ve really become a family. And together, we’ve been building awareness around locally grown flowers & why it’s important to be conscious of seasonality.


What is the latest flower trend at the moment?

Freakabana.  And,  while I’m not sure if this would be considered a trend, but it’s one of my favourite things happening in the flower world. Flower Flashes. There is a flower studio in NYC called Lewis Miller Design and they’ve been transforming the sidewalks, construction sites, trash cans, etc of New York into flower explosions. They are amazing. I think our city could use some of the same senseless acts of beauty.


I’ve seen a lot of preserved roses on the market lately too! Is that a trend? How do you feel about the rise of preserved roses?

I love the whole life cycle of a flower and watching them fade is one of my favourite parts of a flowers process. So while I admire the peak beauty of a bloom, I don’t have the need to preserve it, but rather respect it’s natural next step.


I like taking my time to pick out the perfect bouquet – when is the best time to visit the market?

As soon as we open at 10AM. You get first pick of all the plant and flower abundance!


The Toronto Flower Market 2018 season launched May 12, 2018 at CAMH (1001 Queen Street West) and occurs on selected Saturdays up to October.

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