Toronto Food Delivery | Supporting Your Local Businesses Has Never Been Healthier

We want to eat good food, but sometimes we find ourselves without the time to shop and food-prep the way we would like. Have you tried ordering food online? Whether ordering for yourself, your whole family, or for a loved one, buying and enjoying whole foods from good Toronto businesses with heart has the power to nourish us well, build a better food system and support our local economy too. Bonus: it saves a lot of time!

Supermarket To Your Door Healthy groceries delivered to your home with excellent customer service and online ordering? Yes, please! I love Mama Earth,, and Fresh City Farms who all deliver local, organic produce fresh from the farm, and also offer healthy groceries, incredible and varied options from food artisans, specialty makers and bakers, directly to your door.

Mama Earth / Real Food Toronto / Fresh City Farms (Not Shown Here)

Good Drinks Whether you agree with cleanses and green juices or not, some drinks can be super-nourishing and even satisfy you as a meal. You can order from Greenhouse Juice as late as midnight for delivery the next morning before you leave for work or carpool. Your juice will be waiting on your doorstep, packed perfectly with ice packs included! . If you order organic juice in glass bottles from Fresh Restaurants, you can add a cupcake with your order (balance?!).

CSA Membership This is the gift that keeps on giving. Sign up for your local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Membership for a regular supply of local produce. Though not always delivered to your door, this is a great way to support your local organic growers. Check out Everdale’s offerings, and ask around at yourfarmers’ markets for great CSAs including ones for pickles and sprouts or even nut-milk delivery!

Meal Delivery If you need to order dinner in, try a restaurant that uses organic ingredients, offers plant-based meals and supports local farmers. When you eat vegan and organic, you are being kind to yourself, but also to our water, air, soil, all animals, people working in the fields and our communities. When ordering takeout, cut down on as much of the single-use disposables as possible. I find the organic and vegan restaurants also use “greener” disposables. Try Live and Thrive for pizza, burgers, nachos and more to your door.

Live Organic Food / Thrive Organic

Real Fast Food Stock up and eat well all week long, or freeze and have good stuff on hand when you need it. Chef Doug McNish offers freshly-made, organic, plant-based, gluten-free meals, snacks, dressings, and sweets, all delivered in a “Kale is the New Beef” insulated cooler bag. Also, try Bio Raw – their plant-powered and nutrient-dense salads that eat like a meal are made in a nut-free and kosher kitchen. If not for yourself, then for someone else: Who wouldn’t appreciate a delicious meal delivered to their doorstep? Delivery can be arranged via either of their websites, but both offer pickup locations as well.

BIORAW / Doug McNish





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