Toronto hosts Canada’s 2nd Annual Coconut Festival Health conscious foodies fuel a growing love and attachment for coconuts


Toronto, August 20, 2015 – Soak up the sun and sip on fresh coconuts as Toronto hosts Canada’s 2nd Annual Coconut Festival and Marketplace on Sunday, August 23, 2015 at David Pecaut Square (behind CBC bldg and next to Roy Thompson Hall). The Coconut Festival is produced by Coconut Festival Canada which aims to bring the community together to learn about the many health benefits of coconuts as well as its diverse culinary uses.

“Our goal is to educate consumers about the simplicity of natural lifestyle and how coconuts can contribute to that in your day-to-day healthy living, preventing sickness and diseases,” says founder Anne Josef.

It’s a Free General Admission event featuring delicious food vendors, natural products, chefs, naturopathic doctors, authors, health lecturers, farmers, and local businesses promoting health and wellness through the use of coconuts. Some of the speakers include; coconut therapy, pregnancy, chiropractic, raising children naturally.

The festival also goes nuts with entertainment, children’s games, coconut bowling contests, hula contests, free yoga, acro yoga, and cultural performers. The first 500 attendees receive complimentary goodie bags.

One of the featured speakers is Sunita Mohan, (Host of Health Matters Rogers cable 10.) speaking about the Good Fats and the Bad Fats because good fats protect your heart, support overall health and help you lose weight. In fact, good fats such as omega-3 fats, are essential to physical and emotional health.”

Location and Date

Sunday August 23, 2015 ,11a.m. – 7p.m.
David Pecaut Square, 215 King St W.Toronto, M5V 3G2
For more info: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: Coconut Festival Canada

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