TTC Board Votes to Commission a Third-Party Assessment of Effects of the Streetcar Right-of-Way on St. Clair Corridor

Toronto | May 27, 2015 | The Toronto Transit Commission Board has adopted a motion for a third-party report on the broad socio-economic effects the streetcar right-of-way has had on the St. Clair Avenue corridor.  The proposed study would assess the longer-term effects attributable to the streetcar right-of-way.  Some of the variables to be considered include property values, rental rates, and developments along St. Clair Avenue West. “Finally we can get some facts to resolve the success of the project once and for all,” said TTC Commissioner Joe Mihevc Wednesday afternoon.  “The St. Clair streetcar right-of-way has had its naysayers from the beginning.  But with the comprehensive data that a report like this can provide, I suspect we’ll be able to lay a lot of that negativity to rest.  The report will contribute to informed decision-making for projects in other parts of the city going forward.” As part of the motion, the Board resolved to endorse the purpose and objective of the study, to authorize staff to commence work, and to forward the report to the City Clerk for re-direction as appropriate. The full motion can be viewed online here.

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