Matt & Felicia Taub Help us Understand the Concept of Family Fitness #fitnessfriday

Happy family in fitness club. Happy sporty family We are all so busy. Our kids. Our partners. Everyone is busy. We all say it now. Us parents. Things aren’t like when we were younger. Funny. We always laughed at our parents when they said it. But its true. Our kids, the younger generation are so much different then we are and have it completely different than we do. Technology for instance is leaps and bounds and light years ahead of where us 60’s and 70’s kids were. Now, its not like we didn’t have distractions. We had video arcades they have game consoles. The big difference though. We didn’t go to the arcade daily and spend $100 dollars on one game. That’s the price of a new game roughly with tax when it comes out. We were more active. We played basketball and baseball at the park around the corner. We rode our bikes and skate boarded with friends. We were outside. So what happened? We happened. Parents. We over programmed our kids and under programmed ourselves. A few weeks ago Kelly Clarksons personal trainer had a picture of her go viral because she was doing a skipping rope workout while watching her sons soccer game. The picture that went out was meant to shame her. But it backfired. It was empowering. THAT is family fitness. Leading by example. Her son was out playing a sport and instead of doing what most of us do, stand or sit around watching with coffee in hand, she utilized her time and got a workout in. So family fitness doesn’t mean everyone hitting the gym together. It doesn’t mean hitting up canyon ranch with the little ones for a family retreat. It means getting back to basics. Schedule play time with your kids. Get active with them. Some great tips for an Fitness Minded Family:
  • get outside with them
  • grab a basketball and hit the courts with your kid(s)
  • family bike rides
  • go to the gym – if your kids are old enough go with them. If not, get them a sitter and go as a couple. They need to see an example
  • if you can’t go together, one of you go then the other. Or do what we do at our house. If one goes, the other will stay home and do a DVD workout at home
  • Involve your kids in the activities you do alone normally

A family that does fitness together and sees it for what it really is, time together and time to just get moving, will be closer, will have that time to clear the clutter out of their minds. Family fitness is not an obstacle to a fitter life, its an opening to a better one.

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