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Valentine’s Day with Your House: Are You Making Love or Getting Screwed?

Inspired by Valentine’s Day, February is the month we all spend a little bit more time thinking about our relationships. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a relationship or not, the commercial spectacle that champions this day permeates everyone’s thoughts.

Have you ever thought about your relationship with your home? I never did until I bought an old Toronto house that was more stressful than restful. There were endless issues ­­ranging from small to big to mind-boggling, and somehow, I was going to have to manage to pay for it all. Home sweet home? Nah. I think my father’s description of my childhood home was more apt … “the house I both love and hate.”

Where your home is concerned, are you making love or getting screwed? Treat your home like a relationship and ask yourself these questions:

Does your home refresh and rejuvenate you or is it just more complication in your life?

Healthy homes, like healthy relationships, are supposed to be enjoyable and a welcome addition to your life. If you are consumed with home upkeep, repair and remodeling, it is a “high maintenance” relationship. Some people like these, but most prefer to avoid them.

Does your home bring out the best in you?

A good relationship is one where you and your partner complement each other so your very best selves shine through because there is minimal tension. What about your home? Is there tension? Is it creating stress and dulling your lustre because you are burdened with its issues? Does it cramp your lifestyle or add zest?

Finally, do you look forward to spending time at home?

In a good relationship you look for ways to spend time together. If you are avoiding time at home or steering clear of entertaining there, ask yourself why. Something is not right with the relationship.

Struggling in your relationship with your home?

Make a change for the better. An improved relationship with your home will have a positive impact on the rest of your life — including your other relationships. It may be the best Valentine’s Day gift ever!

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