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A good cookbook should engage the senses, inspire us, teach us, sustain us, and if it’s really great, bring about change in the kitchen. I love devouring the pages of a new cookbook, reading it cover to cover. My shelves are full of other people’s ideas, instructions, and anecdotes for a delicious/easy/impressive meal/snack/treat plus pages of my own recipes that I might get around to publishing one day. Whether you have an old-fashioned recipe box, or you just Google recipes as you need them, I encourage you to read a few plant-based cookbooks cover to cover – they will likely make your own kitchen “better”, maybe more wholesome, perhaps more colourful, or might even inspire you to make more meatless meals– all positive!

If you are already a fabulous cook, or looking to start from scratch, or determined to clean up how you shop, cook and eat, the following plant-powered cookbooks will serve you well beyond their recipes that work

Clean Food

Simple & Accessible

You know when you read a good book and you find yourself nodding perpetually? Terry Walter’s

cookbook is clean and easy to look at, just like the food you will create from her recipes. Clean Food is extremely well written and somehow manages to inject confidence into your kitchen skills. For instance, Terry is the reason I add kombu into the pot when I’m cooking any grain. I love giving this book as a gift because the content she shares is simple, accessible and delivered without any attitude. If we all try what she shares we could bring about some serious and delicious change!







Fun & Engaging

Jason Wrobel is a vegan chef and wellness expert with answers to all your questions — just ask him. You’ll thoroughly enjoy cooking your way through this fun, and engaging cookbook. It comes with a nutrition guide and teaches readers the principles of plant-based holistic nutrition. Bonus: Eaternity includes Wrobel’s own detox strategies, meditation tips and exercise recommendations for a holistic and healthy life.









 Oh She Glows

Angela is Local

Angela Liddon’s cookbook is a must-have for anyone who longs to eat well, feel great, and simply glow. I have never heard so many rave reviews about a vegan cookbook from those that are not vegan before. Everyone reports that her recipes actually work! This should be a given but so many cookbooks that make it to print surprisingly don’t offer recipes that work out well. Most of her recipes are very family-friendly, with substitutions for ingredients like nuts. Plus the book itself is simple and beautiful. And if that’s not enough, Angela is local!









Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook

Great Gift

Thug Kitchen is about as entertaining as it is inspiring and informative. My kids have never been more excited by a cookbook (you can judge my parenting anytime), but if you don’t want your kids reading about how to “stir sh*t up” and not “give a f*ck” while they prep cauliflower and make gluten-free pancakes, skip this one! This book also makes a great gift for kids who are off to college as it’s written to appeal to many … except those who don’t appreciate cussing! Try the Butternut Squash Queso(ish) Dip from their first cookbook.


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