VL Looks at Olympian & World Champion Medalist Julia Murray’s “Jules Fuel Quinoa Breakfast Blend”

When we came across Olympian and World Champion Medalist Julia Murray’s “Jules Fuel Whistler Superfood Quinoa Breakfast blend”  We thought we’d put it to the test with not just one reviewer, but two. Jaime Slavin, BASc., MPH., RD. our resident Nutritionist/Dietitian and Felicia Taub, Beachbody Master Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer and Health and Wellness Coach put Julia Murray’s breakfast superfood creation to the test and here’s what they had to say:

productshotjulesfueljaimeslavinHSI was pleasantly surprised by Jules Fuel, a Whistler Superfood Breakfast Blend developed by Canadian Olympian Julia Murray. All too often I see “breakfast cereals” that are touted to be nutritious fuel for your body, however when read the ingredients it is loaded with mainly processed flours and sugars. I was thrilled to see that the ingredients in Jules Fuel were not only all organic with Canada’s certification, but they were actually all true “superfoods” with no added fillers, preservatives, or processed sugars. Loaded with quinoa, oats, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, pumpkin seeds, goji berries and chia seeds….I knew I was in for some filling fuel.

As a Registered Dietitian, when I test out new food products I always want to ensure that not only are the ingredients health promoting, but that the actual product tastes good! Eating is not only about fueling your body with good quality foods, the act of eating should be pleasurable and a sensory experience as well. So, it was time to put Jules Fuel to the breakfast taste test, and I am happy to report it was delicious!

Screen shot 2015-06-29 at 9.13This is not your average cereal or oatmeal. Do not expect a grainy, high carbohydrate, sweet breakfast that we are very used to eating in the morning. This breakfast blend is very seedy, in a good way! The quinoa and oat to seed ratio is pretty even, which means that this breakfast blend is exceptionally nutrient dense. The Nutrition Facts table indicates that ½ cup prepared of Jules Fuel contains about 8g of protein, 6g of fibre, 11g of fat (do not fear the fat, the fat is from the seeds and quinoa which supports our body’s needs) and an impressive amount of iron. Typically with breakfast cereals and Nutrition Facts table, the serving size that the facts are provided for are much smaller than one would actually consume. This is not the case with Jules Fuel, as ½ cup is exactly what you’ll want to eat since the ingredients are nutrient dense and full of fibre. Therefore, a little of this cereal really goes a long way. I had ½ cup and topped it with wild blueberry compote and a drizzle of coconut oil and tahini. It was filling, it was satisfying, and it was subtly sweet; exactly what breakfast should be to fuel the start of your day, whether you are an Olympian athlete or not.

A few additional tips when making Jules Fuels Breakfast Blend:

~ The cereal is sticky when you cook it, so stir it a few times while cooking so the bottom doesn’t burn to your pot

~I added cinnamon to it while cooking to infuse some cinnamon flavour into the blend (this is great for balancing blood sugar)

~ Store leftovers in the fridge, and get creative with them! I ended up rolling the leftover breakfast blend into energy-bites. Since the quinoa, oats and chia act as the binder, it was really easy to roll up the leftovers with some coconut butter for a touch of sweetness and flavour

felicia_Sq_Shot#WTF – Where’s the Fuel

Do you love the Olympics? I love the winter Olympics and watching our Canadian Athletes represent. What do they do when they are no longer an Olympian participant?

Julia Murray is a rock star and I think it’s worth you getting to know her and her fuel. “Jules Fuel”

Julia is a retired Canadian Free Style Skier from Whistler British Columbia and a world champion Silver medalist now student furthering her own knowledge in Holistic Nutrition to become a RHN.

She is also the creator of Jules Fuel, a mouth watering blend of organic ingredients that she developed for her own personal use as an athlete, now available for us all.

We know the importance of starting our day off right with the right foods to help restore and fuel our bodies. Do you have the time to make a power fueled breakfast? Yes you do… You either make Jules Fuel the morning of or the night before. This amazing blend of ingredients is filled with food high in antioxidants, fibre, it’s vegan and has a low glycemic index. You can add your favorite toppings, I added blueberries and raspberries and a splash of almond milk to mine. The mix of seeds like chia, sunflower, pumpkin is a delicious mixture and even tastes better the day after. The organic quinoa, raisins, seeds and oats makes every bite crunchy and delicious.

The combination of ingredients is to help you use the ingredients placed in your body for fuel, not waste or what I call empty calories. What impressed me the most are the questions I had inquired about that Julia answered, she knows her food and the purpose and benefits of ingredients and is ready to share this amazing fuel option with us all. You can buy Jules Fuel on line www.evitality.ca

Food is essential to life, therefore make it good. #WTF Where’s the fuel? Go grab your Jules Fuel and give your body some great nutrients.

jaimeslavinHSJaime Slavin, Nutritionist/Dietitian, BASc., MPH., RD.

When food and nutrition intermingle, a sequence of events occur. Our senses awaken to a world in which our taste buds are satiated and our body thrives. This is my plan for you, as I invite you to see how pleasurable and nourishing food can harmoniously co-exist.

She is a nutritionist, registered dietitian, food educator, and an advocate for your health and well-being. Visit: JaimeSlavin.com

felicia_Sq_ShotFelicia Taub Master Trainer and Educator for Beachbody, Professional Personal Trainer, Fit Life Coach and Co founder of Taub Fitness is a 15 year fitness veteran. She’s a busy mom of three boys and has made it her life passion to educate, motivate and teach others to live a fit, happy and healthy lifestyle.

@feliciataub IG: Feliciataub



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