VL’s| Bruno Mitri Answers your questions on Contracting, Building and Renovations

The West Village, comprised of so many great neighbourhoods including, Forest Hill, Cedarvale, Hillcrest Village, Wychwood Heights and Regal Heights is an area where you see a constant stream of Dumpsters being dropped in front of houses ready for their renovations.  With so much movement and improvement in these areas we wanted to align ourselves with a Builder / Contractor who could answer any questions you may have about Home renovations and even new home builds.

dumpster truck

Village Living magazine turned t Bruno Mitri, a reliable and honest Contractor whose focus is solely on delivering top quality workmanship and a hands’ on approach almost unparalleled in the industry today.  For almost 35 years, Bruno and his team have built and remodeled   homes here in our communities specifically and understands the many unique needs of the homes and families in our communities.

A family run business who lives and works here in our area so without question, his integrity stands solid.

With all this said, we invite you to ask any questions you may have about your existing home, new home purchase or addition.  You can use this page as a place to leave your questions or on Facebook and Bruno will be glad to answer your questions; you never know you may just end up in print!

So ask away, we look forward to answering your questions.



  1. 1. The plaster on the ceiling of our porch has come down in one place. How do we repair?

    2. The hardwoods throughout our main floor are looking pretty beaten down. How do we know whether we are able to re-finish v. replace?


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