We All Need a Little Quartz in Our Lives! 

Qualitative Quartz Uses Throughout the Home

If you’ve ever considered a kitchen remodel, then you’ve certainly heard about the advantages of engineered quartz countertops. Custom-cut quartz slabs bring style and that Wow! factor, not just to the kitchen, but to any area of your home. Durable, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant, quartz has many applications, and is a long-lasting, choice investment  – even for the busiest areas of your home. Plus, it’s beautiful!

Quartz is used in almost every BedfordBrooks’ design project –  from countertops, backsplashes, and flooring to tabletops and furniture pieces. The possibilities are truly endless! 

Vicostone Canada, one of our go-to suppliers, offers an incredible selection of colours, patterns, and very unique slabs to choose from, for any surface.  In the process of completing a renovation of Vicostone’s flagship Canadian showroom in Vaughan, our design team highly recommends a visit, this fall, to the newly designed space. Until then, consider using quartz in your: Living Room  Many larger-sized slabs – for a feature wall on a vertical surface – are available, which means seams won’t be a concern.
Patterned quartz as a floor feature looks sleek and sophisticated
Flooring and Walls  Processes, like water-jetting, allow you to create custom patterns and designs for a one-of-a-kind, finished product to showcase in your home.  Staircases  Among the most high-traffic surfaces in a home, staircases require the use of durable materials. Custom-cut quartz steps are a beautiful and practical design choice. Choose a matte finish stone to minimise the potential of slipping or falling.
Offucts enhance the look of the bathroom
    Windowsills, Shower Frames and Shelves  Smaller remnants or quartz offcuts can be used to build custom windowsills, shower frames, or shelves to trim out or to finish a space in a very elegant way. Seamless, easy to clean and watertight. It doesn’t get any better that that!
High-traffic spaces benefit from quartz’s durability
        Laundry Room  Because of its inherent durability, quartz can withstand the harshest laundry room sprays, detergents, and chemicals. Often a forgotten space or an afterthought, the laundry room is an ideal space for this practical, functional design element, which will also add a touch of glamour to doing the laundry.   Be mindful!  Not all quartz is created equally. Speak to your supplier about the product that you are considering; there are big differences in how quartz is produced. Leading quartz companies invest time and R&D dollars to procure the best raw materials, and to implement the best production process to deliver the highest quality finished product. 

Not all quartz is created equally

Also, choosing the right fabricator for your project is of utmost importance. These are the folks who will fit, cut, and polish your selected slab/s, ultimately installing your stone to achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of! 
Looking marbleesque! Use quartz slabs which resemble marble for a ‘marbleesque’ look

Designer Quick Tip

A quartz cheese slab, or serving tray, coordinated with your countertops, is an impressive addition to any spread. Often, if you’ve remodelled your kitchen with a custom quartz countertop, you will have a sink cut-out left over that’s just the right size for this application. Ask your fabricator to cut and polish the stone in the shape you desire, and to add a few non-slip pads to the bottom for safety. There is so much more to share about quartz. Look for more from our team, online, at Village Living, over the next month! Vicostone Canada 341 Edgeley Blvd. Concord, Ontario www.vicostone.ca

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