Wedding Gifts The Bride and Groom Will Absolutely Love! The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Wedding Gifts

Wedding season is just around the corner and getting the right gift can be tough. Luckily, cookware and kitchen appliances are always a great bet as they are timeless and can even help the newlyweds-to-be improve their culinary skills. You may even gain extra points because what is better than eating a home cooked meal together?

Here is our definitive cookware gift-guide for any type of couple – from seasoned dinner party pro to can only cook boxed macaroni:

For The Pro Pinterest Party Host:

  1. All-Clad d5 Stainless-Steel Deep 6-Qt. Sauté Pan with Fry Basket & Tongs

    Whether they love making mini-doughnuts, crispy fried taco shells, or buffalo cauliflower ‘wings,’ this long-lasting, premium stainless-steel sauté pan with fry basket and tongs will bring Pinterest recipe dreams to life.

  2. Breville Wide Mouth Juicer Plus

    Help them impress their brunch guests with freshly squeezed juice. Designed with a wide mouth feed chute, this juicer can juice whole fruits and vegetables – no chopping required! This is perfect for the DIY chefs who know a thing or two about making fresh concoctions!

For The Couple Who Can’t Cook:

  1. All-Clad NS1 Nonstick Square Grill

    Ease them into making fresh meals at home by starting simple with a stovetop grill pan. Executing quick and easy burgers, grilled veggies and wilted greens, this piece of cookware is so approachable they will shock themselves with the amazing food they create.

2. Staub La Cocoette Enamel Cast Iron Pot

This heavy duty cast iron enamel pot is not only extremely durable but also versatile in use. From making soups and stews to braising meats, this pot will definitely become a kitchen favourite. Aesthetically, the pot can be brought from stove to table because it is so presentable. It comes in 7 colours and is perfect for one pot wonders – even boxed mac and cheese!


For The Couple Who Loves To Experiment:

  1. KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer

    From baking cakes to making sausages, the KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer is a kitchen staple for any home cook. Featuring the same power as the Classic Artisan® Stand Mixer, the Mini is 25% lighter and 20% smaller. With pre-packaged extensions, it can be used for mixing, spiralizing, meat grinding and even making ice cream at home. Perfect for the couple with ever changing tastes!

    2. All-Clad Gourmet Easy Serve Fondue Pot

    Apples dipped in cheese fondue? Walnuts dipped in chocolate? Some people just love to mix, match and discover new flavour combinations. Luckily, this beautifully crafted fondue set makes discovering new tastes and having a lot of laughs both easy and elegant.


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