West Village School Rankings are in for Elementary and Secondary Schools

The annual Fraser Institute ranking of secondary and elementary schools has been published for the 2013-2014 year.

“The Fraser Institute’s school rankings website provides a detailed report on how each school is doing in academics compared to other ranked schools. It also shows whether the school’s results are improving, declining, or just staying steady over the most recent five years.”

Village Living has highlighted many of the Elementary Schools from within the West Village Area and highlights exceptional student performance in these schools. Using the link above you search and compare and review the rankings of all 3,037 elementary schools and 676 secondary schools in Toronto.

Elementary School ratings for this year and last  (2013-2014 Rating / Last 5 Years) Out of 10

Allenby Junior Public School   8.6 / 8.4

Brown Junior Public School   8.8 / 8.6

Cedarvale Community School  8.7 / 9.0

Fairbank Memorial Community School  2.4 / n/a

Forest Hill Junior and Senior Public School  9.8 / 9.2

Hillcrest Community School  7.2 /7.1

Humewood Community School  7.2 / 6.7

J R Wilcox Community School 1.7 / 4.5

McMurrich Junior Public School 6.6 / 6.6

North Preparatory Junior Public School 7.4 / 7.1

Oriole Park Junior Public School  9.6 / n/a

Rawlinson Community School 5.4 / 5.2

Regal Road Junior Public School 7.9 / 7.2

West Preparatory Junior Public School 8.1 / 8.0

Winona Drive Senior Public School 6.9 / 6.4

“The Fraser Institute ranks schools using objective, publicly-available data such as average scores on province-wide tests. For complete information about each province’s school rankings you can download the full report in pdf format from the pages you can link to above.”

PLEASE NOTE: Not all schools are included in these rankings. Schools will be excluded if, for whatever reason, we do not receive enough data from the provincial ministry of education to fairly rate the school. For example, elementary schools in Ontario that do not enroll grade 6 students will not be included in the rankings. The reason for this is that we must have student results data from province-wide testing that is conducted in grade 3 and grade 6. So, if a school is excluded that doesn’t mean it is an ineffective school or that the school did something wrong. It just means that we don’t have enough student results data to fairly rate the school.

– See more at: https://www.fraserinstitute.org/school-performance#sthash.qicwKIpc.dpuf

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