What I wish I knew before becoming a mom

One year into motherhood, I’m pausing for a moment to reflect on what a simultaneously beautiful and crazy year this was. While I couldn’t have learned these lessons without going through the experience myself, anyone embarking on the journey of motherhood may find something helpful from this (I hope!). 

When people tell you to “nap when your baby naps,” try not to get frustrated. I wish I could have napped every time my baby napped, but I was either doing chores around the house or cooking (of course your baby always wakes up the second you’re about to eat something). Start thinking of naps as part of your “to do” list, and prioritize them just as much as things around the house.  

Have real open and honest conversations with other moms. Don’t pretend like you have it all together or that your baby is the happiest baby on the block. When you are vulnerable and raw, other moms will start being that way with you too. You learn from each other, laugh and cry with each other and can pick up some really useful tips along the way. 

Speaking of tips, everyone will share advice with you. This is neither good nor bad. It’s confusing at times and helpful at other times. While you’re still getting to know your baby and developing your mom intuition, you will eventually learn that you know your baby best.  

It’s okay to look at the clock multiple times a day and wonder when is it time for your baby to sleep. You are allowed to want your alone time. You are not a bad mom if you need a break. I know that I am a better mom when I have some time to “recharge,” even if that’s just 15 minutes to myself.  

Lastly, compliment yourself. I know this sounds silly but your baby doesn’t have the ability to tell you how much they love you, or how thankful they are for you. If they did, the positive feedback would make the really challenging moments seem less intense. Instead, tell yourself how amazing you are and mean it when you say it! 

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