What is a Personal Concierge Service?

We are often asked what is a Personal Concierge Service and what exactly do you do?

Imagine handing over all of your daily tasks, and utilizing this new-found free time to do something you love – you could go to that yoga class that you’ve been wanting to try but timing never worked out, spend more time working on your business’ online content strategy, or simply spend more time with your kids or your partner. Well that’s what we do for our members.

We are so excited for our partnership with Village Living Magazine where we can demonstrate to this amazing community of Torontonians how to enjoy life more. Now, a Personal Concierge service isn’t for everyone – let’s face it we don’t all love to delegate our life to a third party, and that’s ok, and we want to use this platform to share our little secrets about the things that we do for our members in hopes that it might help you find a few extra hours during the week so you can enjoy life more.

A Personal Concierge Service is essentially a Personal Assistant who helps with professional, personal, and social tasks that someone with a busy life simply does not have the time or desire to complete. Our services focus on the individual needs of our members and we easily take care of any type of errands or time consuming tasks.

You dedicated Lifestyle Manager at Modern Concierge will develop a personalized plan that is tailored to fit your unique needs, ensuring attention to detail and superior results every time. We give you the opportunity to delegate complex or mundane tasks so you can focus on the big picture and enjoying your life. In essence we become an extension of your daily life in order to provide additional support.

At Modern Concierge we pride ourselves on being able to provide services for everything from the routine to the remarkable. We’re well versed in sourcing specialized professionals and arranging logistics to manage your home and everyday life, while also specializing in luxury travel and full-service event planning, with an emphasis on personalized and unique

experiences, and our members have full-scale access to it all. Your dedicated Lifestyle Managers will consistently deliver on all of your lifestyle needs, because as long as it is legal, moral and ethical there is no task we can’t complete.

We know that sometimes the smallest tasks can end up being the most time consuming, and that’s why handing over these tasks to us, gives you more time to focus on the important things, but even if you’re not involved with a Personal Concierge Service it’s important to delegate and prioritize your tasks to ensure you’re getting the most time out of your day.

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