What the Tech!?!? Dear Jon…

Of the letters I’ve received, at the shop, or via email, I’ve chosen a few which I’ve responded to, to share, in this month’s What The Tech!?!?

Malware bites! We don’t like bugs, but there are ways to get rid of them – for good!


Steve S. asks: Do I need to worry about malware?

When we see world peace, the ozone layer repaired, and when no one relies on fossil fuels anymore, then and only then, can we stop worrying about malware.


Affecting everyone at some point, malware is everywhere on the web


Also available in a premium version, I recommend the free software, Malwarebytes.


Jon says: Yes! Update your iPhone. Just don’t forget to back up your date before updating!


Cindy K. asks: Should I update my iPhone to iOS 12?

100% yes, you should update your devices!


Released in mid-September, iOS 12 offers some new features and benefits, but, as always, before doing any updates, make a backup ‘just in case’ something goes wrong


The big win with iOS 12 is that, for older devices, like the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, users will see a speed boost in the performance of the phone. thus, adding a few more years’ real usage to a now four- to five-year-old device. A pleasant change to the number of tech companies that have stopped supporting old devices. 


Stay on track witha fitness tracker to measure your performance



Scott M. asks: Which fitness tracker should I use?

In the bloated market of fitness trackers, I suggest you try a few on, as well as asking your friends what they use. 

The Apple Watch is, by far, my favourite, as it offers fitness tracking and a whole lot more. Also, the most popular brand, Fitbit®, offers many price options to get you in the door.


Both Apple Watch and Fitbit® offer a social aspect, and with either, you can compete against friends, set goals, and see how others in your social circle are doing


The only catch: Your friends have to use the same brand of fitness tracker as you. 

Although geared towards runners and semi-pro athletes, Garmin also makes a fantastic device, which is worth taking a look at, as well. 


If you’re looking for answers, feel free to submit questions to info@allabouttech.ca.







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