What the Tech!?!? – Hi-Tech Home ‘Bodyguards’

This month, we look at the physical and digital things we can do to improve security at home.

Recently, Ring, highly acclaimed for the original Video Doorbell, released the Ring Security System. Meant to revolutionise your home security as the Ring Video Doorbell did a few years back, the Ring Security System can be purchased online at www.ring.com.

Featuring a base station, keypad, and a mix of sensors and motion detectors, the nicest part is that this set-up is made easy enough that you can install it yourself. With no drilling or running wires needed, the Ring Security System is a great alternative to more costly, traditional security systems, such as ADT.

The Ring Security System: An extensive home alarm system

The Ring Alarm also offers customers a mobile app to arm, disarm and monitor the status of the alarm system. Using this app, you can be alerted to anyone entering or exiting your home.

If you want to go one step further, Ring offers the option of contract-free professional monitoring  which allows the alarm to be linked up to a local security company, as well as to the police. Lastly, options, such as outdoor lights and the Ring Video Doorbell, provide your home with an additional ‘Ring of Security.’

Switching gears to the digital side of security, I want to share with you a Toronto-based company that has made the ever-difficult world of passwords more ‘bearable.’

Meet RememBear, a fun, friendly, easy-to-use password manager which works on phone, tablet, and computer.

Like many other password managers on the market, this freemium model is a fully functioning password manager. At a low cost of $3.00 US per month, you can sync all your devices, and there is no obligation to go to the premium service; the free tier will work great.

A ‘beary’ safe password manager, Remembear protects without breaching

As you might know, just recently, Starwood hotel chain had a huge breach in security, which allowed bad guys access to millions of points of data, such as emails, addresses, names, and maybe even, credit card info. Sadly, most of us were affected. It’s time to change your password, and with the cuteness offered by RememBear’s secure and safe password manager, you can start the new year off on the right foot by changing passwords to improve your personal digital security.

Lastly, take the power into your own hands! Don’t use the same password everywhere, don’t click on links, which might cause your devices to get infected, and check to see if you have been compromised by inputting your email address on this site: www.haveibeenpwned.com. I truly hope you have not been pwned (a term meaning: someone completely got the better of you)!

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