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Constipated? Are you? Have you ever been? And what is constipation? Constipation is different for every person who experiences it. Some people feel ‘constipated’ for only a day; others might go for days without a bowel movement, and feel fine. Every body is different, so are your bowel movements. Constipation is when your body is unable to void, and when the  stool  is hard and difficult to expel, which could cause pain or bleeding.  

Low and Slow is Weak and Meek

Hard part (literally and figuratively) is, how do you fix it? For some it is due to lack of water, bad diet, running your body down, wasting your Qi (movement of energy), and not listening to your body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qi is looked at as what moves the blood and fluids in your body. If your Qi is low, your body becomes slow, sluggish, and weak.  

Dehydration Dilemma? Rehydrate and Tui na! 

Our bodies are amazing vessels, our hormones, our cells, our fluids can change in a matter of milliseconds. If we are dehydrated, our bodies will focus on maintaining homeostasis, the balance of bodily function, and pull energy, blood and fluids from other parts of the body (such as the intestines) to keep the heart pumping, the lungs exchanging oxygen, and the kidneys removing waste from the body.  

H2O: A glass of it helps relieve constipation

Biggest and best way to combat constipation is to DRINK water or non-caffeinated beverages. First and most important place to start is with hydration.

A good test to see if you are hydrated or not: Are your lips dry?  If so, you are already dehydrated.



All blocked up? Try Tui na, TCM massage therapy, to loosen up the bowels

Get a glass of water, eat some fruits and veggies, and how about you add a little Tui na (massage, in TCM) into your life? It’s simple to do, and it works wonders on the bowels:

Place your right hand beside your belly button, press until you feel a hard, rope-like thing (your intestine) and move in a circular motion around your belly button. You may feel harder masses that are circular-shaped, which is stool,stuck in the intestines. Keep doing this until you feel no stool, or until your belly starts gurgling/talking, or until you feel the urge to go. Initially, you could do this for about 10 mins., most recommended in the morning before you get out of bed. Then, as you train the intestines, and build up your Qi, you can start to recognise signs, and do just a minute or so of massage anytime, anywhere.  

On top of massage, fluids and fruits/veggies, you can add acupuncture an an alternative to get to the deeper rooted issues of your constipation, and add a senna, nettle, or dandelion tea to your daily routine. Constipation does not have to be a part of your life; it isn’t normal and it can easily be fixed, if you put your mind to it.      

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