Why a Pop-up at the Barns Market is Important to St. Clair West

So, there’s going to be a Pop-up Market at the Barns, Artscape Wychwood Barns that is. Yes, on July 16th (8am to 2pm) and three other Saturday dates running concurrently with our beloved Stop Farmer’s Market there will be an indoor market.  Working together, we have collaborated with many companies to house a multitude of these Pop-up Vendors who will exhibit inside the beautiful Barn 2 in support of the Wychwood Barns Community Association. The W.B.C.A. plays an important role in our community by providing events like Boo at the Barns, Kick It, and support our community in so many other ways including the Volunteers that make these events possible.  The vendors will focus on Home, Furniture, Accessories, Art, Jewellery, Holistic Skincare, Children’s Products and made up of almost all artisans promoting locally hand made products or  products emanating from Fair Trade and or Holistic in nature.

fb_logo_popupAs the Community continues to grow and attract young families and Artscape Wychwood Barns continues to be a beacon of attraction for people around our great city, we can all help bring more people to our community. I’m not talking about people buying houses, I’m talking about people on our streets.

Community building takes many forms and it all begins with each of us who will take the time to read this article. I am not a Journalist, not even a professional writer, BUT I live in this community and continue to try to connect people with our local Brick & Mortar Stores. So, you might be saying, why drive people to the Barns when the vendors are not necessarily from our neighbourhood?

The answer is simple, the more people we reach who will travel to this area and see a new Restaurant they’ve never tried, a store they’ve never seen or simply discovering a new area in general will benefit our community.  This is a simple and easy way to be part of helping grow our community. We all see businesses opening and closing and for the last five years it sometimes feels like we’ve taken 10 steps forward and then 5 steps backwards, BUT we continue to move forward in a positive direction.

This event will help provide the much needed funds to assist the WBCA in continuing to serve our community in such a special way and deliver programming at the barns for our families to enjoy. And in doing so, if we should drive more business to our local businesses, then we all win.

The challenge:

Please share this graphic below on social media, not just locally, but invite anyone you are comfortable inviting and let’s bring more people to our area. We have four opportunities to make this happen this summer and it begins this Saturday. The other dates are August 13th, August 27th and September 10th. If you can link to the Pop-up at the Barns site on Facebook using popupatthebarns that would be great!

12X18-POSTER copy

Changing and building community for the better takes a village and this is an amazing opportunity to help grow it.

Have an amazing week and we hope to see you at the Pop-up!

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