Why Your Cellular Bills are Higher Than They Could (and Should) Be

Why is it that when we receive our cell phone bill every month it is never the same? It seems that our cell phone bills are always higher than we expect. They are never the same amount from one month to the next, and usually we have no idea why. Every time we get a bill, there’s a surprise waiting inside, and usually it’s not a happy one.  That’s not how it should be!

There are a number of reasons for this: It could be the plan you are on; it could be differences in usage from month to month; or even billing errors that lead to higher than expected costs. It could be a combination of the three.

Too often when discussing our cellular needs, we are very quick to point out the phone that we have. We all want the latest and greatest phone, but we don’t necessarily adjust our plan accordingly. If we get a new phone, isn’t that going to change the way that we use it? We may use more data, more texts, etc. Understanding your uses for your phone is a key element in keeping your bills down.

It is always important to understand exactly what plan you have. Too often people are unsure of the specific details of their plan. A plan that matches your needs and covers what you use is a critical element. And equally important is ensuring you are not paying for things that you don’t use. In all other areas of our life, we won’t pay for things we don’t use, so why is it okay when it comes to our cell phone plans?  This is not how it should be.

The reality is most people don’t use their phone exactly the same way every month. They don’t talk exactly for the same number of minutes, don’t use exactly the same amount of data, don’t send and receive exactly the same number of text messages. But that doesn’t mean their plan shouldn’t take care of that variance in usage. The key is to build a plan that is designed to cover you in months when you use more, so that you do not accumulate any overage charges – while at the same time ensuring you are not paying a premium for that coverage during the months that you use less.

Billing errors are also a reason your bills are most likely higher than they should be. While a few bucks here and there may not seem noticeable to the consumer, they are noticeable to the providers when it happens to tens or even hundreds of thousands of clients. This on its own provides an additional revenue stream for the providers. Our bills are often laid out in a manner that makes it intimidating and confusing to understand, not allowing us to clearly see where these errors may lie.  This is not how it should be.

People want their cellular bills to be predictable. Particularly for budgeting purposes, they want to know how much to account for. And they do not want to cringe every time they get that bill in the mail in fear of what it may show.

The good news is it does not have to be that way.

It could be different.  It is possible to receive the same, consistent phone bill every month.  You just need some help. There are professionals who are experts in analyzing your usage, are up-to-date on all the latest plans and features with all of the Canadian wireless carriers, and who understand all the plan combinations that will work best, based on that usage.  And, they have the bargaining power to implement those optimal plans for the lowest possible cost – without changing carriers, extending contracts and most importantly, without costing you an additional penny.

Without the help of an expert, opening your cell phone bill may be a frustrating experience.  With their help, it is a walk in the park, as it should be.

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