Yoga and Digestion for Weight Management

The Weighting

The discipline of yoga, as those of you who already have a regular or established practice will know, is that these teachings not only humble us, but also result in offering insider information about our psyches. For example, emotional eating, nail biters, and perfectionists all are habits or characteristics that often present themselves later in life and assist us with coping with deep-rooted experiences, even those as early as traumatic childbirths. Emotional and over eating are also habits of this nature that can be detrimental to our health. Too much food, sugar, and fat confuses the brain and digestive system and often we find ourselves hovering between a place of sheer fulfillment and guilt-ridden nausea. 


If you want the ‘skinny’ on staying on track and not falling prey to over indulging, here is a yogic approach to your overall weight management


I could offer you a list of postures and drills that would effectively burn more calories than perhaps an older or more familiar routine you currently have, but without the correct alignment and neurologic sequences, your practice could create conflict in the body. What I can suggest for all bodies is a yogic approach to changing our psyches and metabolism for long-term effects. 

Food is our most basic requirement used for fuel and nourishment, as well, the perfect compliment to any social gathering.


Routine is essential to the practice of yoga, helping to focus during meditation and poses


When celebrating and losing ourselves in the present moment, we fall prey to additives and preservatives that wreak havoc on our free radicals


Regardless of your yogic experience, the following basic patterns will rewire your thinking and habits. And in doing so, provide the body with the balanced chemical and emotional reactions that will continue to keep our nervous system, endocrine system, and immune systems operating at optimum capacity, with regards to your health and wellness.

Increase your awareness of your actions, reactions, and habits around food and drink, especially at parties and social gatherings. Awareness is the key to being honest with yourself. 

Query yourself every time you reach for that sugary snack and ask yourself if you actually feel hungry, depleted, or thirsty? Water is an element used to flush the toxins out, reduce bloating, and keeps your joints lubricated for a healthy and safe yoga practice. Water is your front line defender. 


Achieve balance through awareness and avoidance: don’t over eat and indulge


 Improve your quality of Sleep. Sleep influences every type of tissue and system in the body – from the brain, heart, and lungs to metabolism, immune function, mood, and disease resistance to weight gain. Create an evening routine, a yoga or meditation practice to calm yourself before retiring to bed and notice the changes you can achieve unconsciously.


Choose your foods wisely, to assist in proper digestion


Make your mouth water! Chew your food more slowly than your normal pace. We all eat and breathe to live but need to make eating and breathing more intentional. The intent is to process food better by chewing more frequently and longer to offer the digestive organs the opportunity to breakdown and distribute more efficiently and effectively. Proper absorption, metabolic consumption, and weight management starts in your mouth.

Create time and space for a Yoga practice. If you already have one, apply yourself differently, by adding more inversions and meditation. Make a commitment to you and your mat.

Yoga is one of the oldest systems of personal development in the world and is used therapeutically to slay our demons and manifest better habits. Namaste






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