Yoga Pose of the Month / Triangle Pose for Pregnancy

Do the triangle pose when you’re pregnant because of the elongation of your spine and side body, which tend to get compressed.  Benefits lead to relief of your lower back pain and constipation, both common complaints during pregnancy.

The Pose:

With your feet hip-distance apart, raise your arms sideways to shoulder level. Step your right foot out comfortably, and pivot your foot so that you’re right toes face away from your left foot. Keep your hips facing forward and avoid hyper-extending your right leg. Inhale and, stretching from the waist, reach out with your right arm.  Exhale and drop your right arm down to a comfortable position on your right leg, keeping your left arm straight and in line with your lowered arm. Turn your head, and gazing up at the fingertips of your left hand, imagine opening your heart to the sky. Hold, breathe deeply, and then switch sides. Model: Kirstin Hinton   By: Richard Lobbenberg and Danielle Sanders

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