YOGA POSE| Three-Legged Dog


Strengthens arms, shoulders, back, abdominals, adductors, gluteals and lengthens hip flexors.

Great for runners and individuals with tight hip flexors because it stretches the front of the hip and can relieve tightness in the lower back.

Begin in plank position with hands under shoulders, arms strong, do not lock elbows, shoulder blades flush to the rib cage, spine in neutral (no excessive curves in the upper or lower spine), abdominals and spinal extensors supporting the spine. Gluteals, hamstrings quads and calves all working to support the lower body.

Pike hips up to the ceiling while maintaining neutral spine, knees may bend slightly.

Keep shoulders away from ears, neck in line with spine, gaze is down, spine neutral, abdominals tight, tailbone reaching up to the ceiling, inner thighs pulling towards each other.

Lift onto ball of one foot and bring other leg up to hip height.

Bend knee of lifted leg, dorsiflex the ankle and open the hip out to the side using the gluteals to rotate allowing the foot to reach back. Hold for three to five deep breaths increasing the opening with each exhalation.

Lower the leg and repeat on the other side.


Nicole Westlake, B.Sc. (Hons.) Kin.

Exercise Physiologist
Personal Trainer
Foundation Training Instructor
Pilates Instructor 
Yoga Instructor

Nicole’s training focuses on Educating and motivating individuals, exceeding their perceived imitations and improving their quality of life. Her training methodology incorporates functional, postural, resistance, cardiovascular, prehabilitative, as well pre and post operative rehabilitation, from the novice level to elite athlete level.

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