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By Devon McGregor

Do you remember the first car that you owned?

Imagine, on the day you were handed the keys to that car, you were also told, “This is the only vehicle you’ll ever own.” In hindsight, how would you treat that car differently? No doubt with better care.

Owning your first car for the rest of your life is not unlike owning the body you were given. There is no such thing as immortality and those beautiful, sleek, and bold lines and those curves in all the right places are subject to change with use. Whether it be your car or your body, having the ability to speed through life with agility and power while turning heads only lasts so long without maintenance, care and dedication..

So when I propose the notion of “Your body: The last vehicle you’ll ever own” to my clients  their eyes shift to the right, then back to me with a smile, and an acknowledgement that they would have done things a lot differently. The realization also hits them that we were in fact handed ownership to the most sophisticated machine ever created – without a manual. It was just supposed to work! The thing is, it does more than just work. Our machine also adapts. And, as we like to say at Balance, “DOING NOTHING ALSO CHANGES YOUR BODY.” 

So if your body is in fact The last vehicle you’ll ever own; How are you treating it? Do you fill it with the appropriate fuels or with waste products? Do you ignore all of the warning lights? Do you run it into the ground, giving it little rest? Do you have a maintenance plan with a monthly budget built in? Do you trust the people working on it?

Here is what I would put in the owner’s manual :

  1. Recognize that there’s more to being healthy than being thin. In an effort to make clothing size our definition of fitness, we embark on some harsh, restrictive and potentially dangerous practices. Instead, work with fitness and health experts to educate and create a sustainable lifelong experience that will help you look and feel amazing.
  2. Avoid dieting and diet trends. Every year, a new diet trend appears, with even more on the horizon. There’s no shortage of experts highlighting the dangers these diets can inflict on our overall health: eating disorders, increased weight gain, malnutrition, reduced appetite, slower metabolism, fatigue, reduced energy, and cramps. In addition, proper eating habits help to regulate some important body functions (the energy our bodies require to keep our nervous system, heart function, breathing, etc. requires roughly two-thirds of our daily energy intake).
  3. Get and stay more active. Devices like the Nike FuelBand are great at helping us stay committed to our fitness goals. This simple wristband tracks our daily activity levels and cheers us on when our goal is met. The terrific thing about FuelBand is it allows us to observe our own activity or groups we create. Whole families can work to motivate each other to get active.
  4. Build your own health team. Get regular checkups, not only from your doctor, but also your personal trainer, chiropractor, massage therapist, naturopath and nutritionist. The state of our current health care (sick care) system has made it essential that we begin to manage our own care.

Here is hoping you keep your engine revving high and to happy motoring.



Devon McGregor, BFA, BSc, Human Kinetics, is a fitness expert with nearly 25 years experience and co-founder of Balance, a Toronto boutique fitness centre.

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416-BALANCE [225.2623]


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