Zero Waste is Peggy Sue Collection’s Gain

Back to Basics in 2018 for Award-Winning Designer

Named Canada’s Most Sustainable Fashion Designer at Design Forward and Emerging Designer of the Year by the Design Exchange Museum, Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltnieks had a banner year in 2017. I caught up with Peggy Sue at the World Ethical Apparel Roundtable, a sustainable fashion conference hosted by Fashion Takes Action. We talked big wins, zero waste and what’s coming up in 2018.

First of all, congratulations on winning Design Forward! How does it feel to hold the title of Canada’s Most Sustainable Fashion Designer?

It feels incredible! And given the high-calibre contestants, I was very honoured to hear my name called out as the winner. Being recognised as a sustainable fashion designer is important to me. I really understand myself as a zero-waste, full life-cycle designer. Winning DF felt like I gained cred from a remarkable collection of judges for sticking to my values.  

You’ve certainly made a name for yourself as a trailblazer! What does it mean to be a zero-waste, full life-cycle designer?

For me zero waste is about thinking systemically about the garments I’m designing. Where materials come from is important but what about after we’re finished with them? Can they biodegrade? Be recycled? In 2016 I developed an upcycled denim fabric that pulls jeans out of the waste stream and into two new types of textiles.  That process helped me think about exploring how to minimise and use our off-cuts. The result was on-demand production and designing with our off-cuts in mind.  

After such a big 2017, what’s in store for you in 2018?

Well, without giving away too many secrets, PSC is working on Better Basics, a line of sustainable, foundational wardrobe pieces. We’re also getting into menswear because the guys also really need access to sustainable and stylish clothes too.

Peggy Sue’s Top Sustainable Fashion Picks for 2018: 

Zig-zag Scarf by Peggy Sue Collection –“I love it and wear it all the time!” Available at

Earrings by Chic Made Consciously – “Can you believe these are upcycled inner tubes? A fantastic edgy vibe.” Available at


Amigita by BraveSoles – “I’m really into BraveSoles’ well-crafted leather and upcycled tyre mini-purse.” Available at




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